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Using our platform to find the right house in London…

We are sure that the biggest problem for you, if you just come to London to stay here is to find a nice place to live in.  To make it easier we recommend our professional website dedicated to all room hunters, house hunters and even for landlords!

Here you will find all the things you must know. Outside of options for accommodations that are the most important for you, you will find here also other information that will be good for you if you read them! Every tenant/lodger/landlord must know all of his rights and liabilities! You will find them all on our website organized in such a way that you will love to read them, you will not find them boring!

Organized in different sections for every type of visitors, they are easy to read and find! In the bottom of the first page you see when you enter our website you will find 5 different sections:

  • Post an Advert;
  • Flatmates Advice;
  • Landlords Advice;
  • Help and Support;
  • About Us;

Flatmates Advice section is dedicated to tenants. Here you will find: Tenants Rights, Tenants Liability, Advertising Advice, Tenants Insurance and Tenancy Agreements. All of them are information you must know before sign any contract with a landlord!

Also, at Landlords Advice section, if you are a landlord or a tenant/lodger that want to be completely informed, you will find: Landlords Rights, Landlords Liability, Adverting Advice, Advice on Taking in a tenant/lodger and Lodger Agreements.

Every section offers complete information about everything you should know! Before search a house or a room to do house share London or room share London, you must read them! After that, you can use the „Search” button where you write what city you want or the Zip Code. You can use also Advanced Search if you want to search a house or room only with some specifications.

We definitely recommend house share London or room share London because here prices are very expensive and in this way you save a lot of money! If you are a student or a single worker, without family this is the best solution for you!

No matter if you are a student, a worker or a man with a family. You can use our website to find the perfect place for you! We guarantee that all the announcements are real and you will be safe if you choose to find a house with our help!