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How to check for breast cancer yourself

Breast cancer has a high rate of mortality in the world because women don’t go to the doctor on time.

If they respect the prevention, breast cancer could be identified from the beginning and be treated. Most of the women pass away because they go to the doctor when it hurts, and when it hurts there is nothing to do anymore.

An option for that woman who does not want to go to the doctor is to learn to identify the breast cancer by themselves. For example, when they found something strange on their breasts, around them, if they changed in any way or if lymphadenopathy can be touched, it means that you have great chance to suffer from breast cancer.

The best way to prevent breast cancer is to do a mammography. Each year after 30 years or exactly at the moment you find something strange. It shows if you have cysts or lymphadenopathy.

After discovering a problem, the next step to follow is to do a biopsy by puncture. The doctor will extract tissue from your lymphadenopathy to be examined under the microscope to see what it is. It can be just a cyst- a benign tumor or a malign?!!!

Most of the time you don’t feel like you have a health problem because it starts to show when you can’t do anything more to save your life.

The fight against breast cancer can be hard, but you have the protection and support you need. If you don’t want to tell your family or if you have no one, you can just join a group with women who fight against breast cancer. In this way, you are together with many other women against your disease.

The big problem is that it doesn’t appear only to women’s. Men are having breast cancer too. In men’s, the disease is worse. If a woman has enough chances to be cured and be healthy again, a man doesn’t. The cases that don’t step away are just a few because breast cancer at the man is more dangerous. It is expanding very quickly, so the man doesn’t have the chance to cure. Only if they are going to doctor when they see a little problem, they can cure and live many years after that.

In the case of men, it is simpler to discover the disease: one or both breasts are starting to grow. But, despite that, they are not going to the doctor on time.

The treatment for breast cancer is the excision of the tumor and after that radiotherapy or chemotherapy is needed for sure. These health measures prevent cancer to show up again by stop tumor cells to grow. Unfortunately, they do not stop only tumor cells to grow, but the health ones also. You can see many changes in your body, for example, you can encounter hair loss. But it is just for a few months so do not be scared.