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Home improvement tips in Winter

Looking out of the window, staring at the rain and wondering what you could do to upgrade your home a little more? Or maybe you’re binge-watching the Homebuilding & Renovating Show on a cold winter night, and are motivated to give your home a quick makeover? To cheer you up on a cold winter day, we’ve put together a few home improvement tips for you. Let’s dive into it.

Seal up cracks around the house

According to the U.S. Environmental Agency, you should consider the exterior walls, windows, doors, vents and other openings of your home as an envelope. Air continuously seeps in and out of this envelope. Homeowners will save an average of 15 per cent on heating and cooling costs, or an average of 11 per cent on overall energy costs, by sealing cracks and installing insulation.

An easy way to see if your home has air leaks is to turn the lights on, step outside after dusk, and check for any holes around the windows and doors. You can do it yourself or ask for the help of any handyman services near to you. 

A New Touch of Paint to the Interior 

For many homeowners, paint is a cheap renovation. It is possible to paint many objects. It is possible to paint old tiles. It is possible to paint panelling. Cabinets of the older style. These few improvements would bring far better changes.   

During late fall and winter, companies offer the best prices on paint. Winter is also when there are less buyers for experienced painters, which translates into lower costs. What is more beneficial is that there’s less moisture and humidity in the air, which means stronger paint binds to surfaces and dries faster.

Changing your windows in winter

Don’t miss your windows here! This winter, replacing the windows in your home will help reduce the cold air that gets into your home and save on energy costs.

Insulating the Attic

To shield your home from damage and keep it cosy, one of the most important steps to take would be to insulate the attic. The temperature has a direct effect on the roof, which can form ice dams quickly and can cause damage to the existing shingles or tiles. To make sure that snow and rain melt off the building and do not freeze for many days, mount vents and fans to circulate cool air in the attic. To clear the snow and avoid it from placing too much pressure on the roof, you can also use a rake.

Make Changes in Your Kitchen  

A further update that you can do during the winter is to repair locksets, door handles, and cabinetry hardware. There will be a major difference in the whole appearance by making some tiny changes to your kitchen. You can also hire a handyman service near to you for this task; simply search on Google queries like, handyman near me, or Handyman London

Final Thoughts 

To keep you going and to cure the winter blues, these home improvement projects are guaranteed. Do not hesitate to ring the handyman services in London if you need a helping hand to finish either of these tasks. They are always there to help you out.