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Month: January 2016

Tenancy cleaning London

We specialize in courtship dirt, working in this reign since 2005. And our team you can do any job you have in the house and by the time you will be satisfied. And no cleaning company you do not give the best benefits and put the time in which we work (24h a day, 7 days a week including bank holidays). But there are many things to know about our team and they fulfill “missions”.

Why Choose our End of Tenancy Cleaning Service:

  • NO Additional Fees on Weekends or Bank Holidays
  • NO Fees for cleaning products and equipment
  • NO VAT
  • NO Parking charges
  • NO Fees for cleaning the oven and kitchen appliances
  • NO Time limit

They would be just a few of the many services and benefits for which we can give you.

What will be cleaned?

  • All Kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • Windows and window frames
  • All Cupboards, Drawers, and Wardrobes
  • All Kitchen Appliances including the Oven
  • All Areas in the Bedrooms, Hallways and Lounge

And these are just a small introduction to what we can do and places you can clean.

house cleaning

With these services our team has done performance, but we want better performance in the future.

This company was started by our determination to help people to clean. It went slowly at first because people were not interested, but after seeing the benefits of our services cleaning, our company began to prosper. In our work of 10 years (from 2005), our company has increased and as the number of services.

For example, at first people did not listen to us because we believe that everything costs so much, but along the way they have realized that we help only a very small cost. And our services like tenancy cleaning company always grow and once with them and we as company. And always try to have the best products on the market to make the best service on the market.

To have the best quality, and our customers to be the happiest of services offered and we ask us for our services. And the feedback from them is most important for us.

We always took care of our customers and we always offer the best service. But you wonder how they chose us in so many cleaning companies? It’s simple! From the beginning we’ll offer many advantages over other end of tenancy cleaning. But many benefits that our customers are very pleased and take advantage of them. And the time we have is the best for our customers! And best performance in terms of cleanliness you will only find us.

These are just some of the few things said. But during our end of lease cleaning services you will find out who is the best end of tenancy cleaning. During our services you will find our advantages that you will enjoy. But until then all you have to do and contact us to help with the cleaning for best cleaning services in London and the best end of tenancy cleaning

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