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Month: December 2015

Schedule your cleaning times accordingly!

It’s time to leave the apartment because you come to an end with your tenancy contract? You have just a few days till you must leave it?  Your first worry must be: cleaning! Why? Because it can be done in the last moment. Home removals and end of tenancy cleaning takes hours, so you need to call a cleaning company with a few days before, because it is possible to not have a team available for you just in the day or call or tomorrow.

For a good tenancy cleaning in London, you need to schedule three days and respect them. So, try to schedule a day for planning, a day for end of tenancy cleaning and an afternoon for your check out.

But, the second scheduled day: your end of tenancy cleaning, doesn’t have to be a problem for you, because we are here to help you! Our teams will clean for you, your entire apartment: all rooms including all the furniture, floors, windows from the inside, your bathroom, your kitchen and so on.  They will package for you, if you want to.

As a landlord, you should schedule end of tenancy cleaning from real estate cleaning London service once you know that the old tenants are leaving. After that, you must announce your tenants that you schedule the end of tenancy cleaning, because they will pay. Or better, if you are a nice landlord, you can speak to them before you schedule something.

As a tenant, you must prepare the apartment/the house for the new tenants. You must live it how you receive it. Fresh, cleaned, as it says „ welcome” for the new ones. It is in your contract, so, don’t forget about it! Owing to the assistance of professional end of tenancy cleaners London, you can concentrate on everything else to use the move. When you hire the cleaning company, they will likely make sure you leave obtaining impression behind, when you progress out of your property.

For a better cleaning, we ask you to not stay and watch (insistent) your end of lease cleaning in London team because it can be bad for their work. You can’t do something perfect when you know that you are being watched, don’t you? Also, you do not have a good mood, so you can make something wrong. So, do not do these to anyone else.

When they finish their job, you will be invited to inspect the rooms and tell them if you are satisfied or not. If not, all your problems will be solved.

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